Friday, 26 November 2010


Hello everyone! From my studio in Paris, here are my latest news about my work & books in progress:
- Hide & Seek Animal Book, publisher Dorling Kindersley. Will be published June 2011, looking gorgeous! A special big thank you to Rachael, has been fantastic and a real pleasure to work with you! You're brilliant!
- Beautiful Puzzle for Marks and Spencer for January 2011! A special big thank you to Lois and Hanna! You're just wonderful! ...and very soon the continuity of our lovely Robins.
- Beautiful Bedtime Story for Babybug Magazine, will be published February 2011! I'm looking forward to it! Thanks so much Sue, I really enjoyed working with you!
- El libro del Cumpleaños, publisher Fabuloos Dreams and amazing personalized books for little ones! Muchas gracias a Georgina y Diana por la paciencia, creatvidad e ilusión que aportais a este proyecto, estoy bien segura que será todo un éxito!
- A3 Posters Colouring Book 2011, publisher Autumn Publishing. What a fabulous & fun book to colour in! Maria, many thanks for your support and patience, you're so great!
- Starting new baby book projects next week for amazing new clients and new fun and bold designs for the schools and teachers! More info soon.
Feeling very fortunate! It's just so great to work with so many talented people!
Will post again once each book and work will be published and available to purchase. I hope you'll like them and enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

And now back to work, speak very soon!

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