Wednesday, 15 June 2011

'COLORS' Bookworks Softplay

Great news! 'Colors' the board baby book that I illustrated for the talented people at Bookworks Softplay is coming out soon, in about a week! Watch this space! 

Here a little preview

I've also worked some months ago on sales material for another set of books with Bookworks Softplay and the great news is that they finaly go ahead! These lovelies they are call 'So-Sleepy' Bedtime Books. Coming out next fall!

Now working on the second book for the stunning 'Hide and Seek' book series for Dorling Kindersley and starting a new sticker book project with a new client, Dahli Children's Books a publisher from Korea. The theme is Fairies and I just love it! I'll keep you posted, more news soon!


  1. oh dear!! how busy you are!! congratulations!!! i want to see all your news!!

  2. Many Thanks Genie! Glad that you liked it! Hope you have a lovely day, I'll keep you posted :D