Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yay! Good news! I won Mark Chambers Giveaway!

Look what I received last evening from the UK!!! :D

Yay! a box full of goodies and presents from Mark Chambers!
Two awesome children's books illustrated by super talented Mark Chambers, 
'Rabbit and the Big Red Scotter' published by Templar and 'The Adventures
of Aluminum Can' published by Simon & Schuster ...I know what I would 
read tonight before going to bed ;) The illustrations look Gorgeous!
wooow a box full of Goodies!! :)
and... oooh Surprise!! I found this Fabulous drawing by Mark Chambers 
inside the 'Rabbit and the Big Red Scotter'!!! Lucky me! - 
aww this is me with Mingus, my brother's new pet! Sweet! xx

Thanks so much Mark for all this wonderful presents that brighten my day!
Your work is absolutely brilliant and I feel honored to have you as a friend!
From Angela your friend and your fan, thanks again. :)

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  1. Absolutely amazing work by Mark! He is incredibly talented!