Wednesday, 17 April 2013

LBF & News!

Back to Paris from LBF Best time ever! Writing sketching doodling iPading many new ideas on the way! Lots of exciting things happening on my studio at the moment! I've just been working on a sales material commission for a buggy books series for Parragon that are planned to be publish later this year at Marks & Spencer! Also, just finished to work on a series of books with Autumn publishing and working on 2 sets of baby puzzles and some other lovely books for Blue Rabbit Korea. As well, I've been really busy working with Dorling Kindersley on the successful Hide and Seek series and the new Big Busy Books! Now working on my new book ideas with Lab and Child's Play. And some other exciting news on the way! Look forward to sharing all the new lovely stuff with all of you soon! Hope you're all well and having a creative Spring!


  1. preciosisimoo!! me encanta este nuevo estilo y me alegra oir que tienes muchísimo trabajo!!!! MUAAAAa

  2. Muchisisimas gracias Genie, preciosa!! :*