Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bologna book fair 2012

Bologna 2012 from March 19-22 2012.

My lovely agents at Advocate Art will be there showing all my new work.

It's this time of the year when everything can happend and many wishes come true.

This year I'm publishing new books with the talented people at Dorling Kindersley (Penguin Group), Child's Play, Cowley Robinson,...!

If you want to see my new books please look for:
Hide and Seek picture book series at Pad. 26 Stand A/122 - Penguin Group
Puppet Pals board book series at Pad. 26 Stand B/59 - Child's Play
Little Belles board book series at Pad. 25 Stand B/108 - Cowley Robinson

Here is a sample of one of the wonderful sheets that Dean (Advocate Art) designed for my portfolio - thank you guys, you rock! 
If you want to see more samples of my new work please contact or visit Advocate on their fabulous stand in Bologna Hall 25 A159

and... ta-daah!
here is a sneak peek of a new character for one of my new story ideas that has been printed for Bologna - if you are a publisher and you're interested to see more of my new work please contact me or my agents at Advocate Art. 
Also we have an extremely adorable new story to show you that I illustrated for my talented friend Chantel Napier

I hope you'll love our new stories as much as our children and we do!

With love,
Angela :)

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