Friday 24 April 2015

Little Red Penguin is finally getting published!

After many months of hard work and enthusiasm my character Little Red Penguin is finally getting published!

I can't wait for all the precious little hands to hold him...

I created Little Red Penguin with high doses of love to bring happiness and to introduce early learning concepts to little ones.

Produced by the very talented iSeek Creative Tony Potter with a remarkable team work, Little Red Penguin book series will be first published in the USA this summer by Kane Miller. 

Available very soon here: 

Other countries are following... 
and remember, never be afraid to think out of the box that's where all the magic happens!

from Little Red Penguin and me : )

P.S. Special thanks to my lovely agents at Collaborate Agency and Advocate Art.

Friday 19 December 2014

Happy Holidays! Animated Card

Hi, hope you're all well and ready for the Christmas Holiday! Here is the Christmas Card I designed this year and it's animated, hope it would make you smile and that you all have a very wonderful Holidays!! :) x

Also, check out my wonderful agents blog post featuring my design: 

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Frankfurt Book Fair

The creative journey continues...

My super agents stand at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014.

Collaborate Agency new book ideas!
Featuring my debut book with the talented Carol Noble, whose credits include the children's TV series Charlie And Lola.

Little Red Penguin travels to Frankfurt! 
My first book series written and illustrated by me, produced by Collaborate Agency.

New fresh style, please contact me or my agents at Advocate Art to see more new samples.

New website, I've rebranded!

Friday 11 April 2014

London Book Fair

Red Penguin a super star at LBF on the search of a new home... :)
Please contact me or my lovely agents at LaB for more details.

Friday 28 March 2014

Bologna Children's Book Fair

Magic happens… 

Amazing Surprise from my wonderful client at Iseek!!! My work printed on the walls of their stand! in magic Bologna Children's Book Fair :)

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Angela Muss Bestseller

Bestselling Teddies!
Starting this week with some great news – look who’s got the Bestselling Label at Waterstones! It's the 'Teddy Time' book series that I illustrated for the lovely people at Autumn Publishing!
Cute, colourful and fun these activity books are designed with young children aged 3+ in mind. There are stickers, pull-out scenes and the lovely artwork. :) There will be four more exciting titles released later this Spring!

Monday 3 February 2014

Coming Out on 2014!

Stay tuned for
new titles of the wonderful Hide & Seek series published by 
Dorling Kindersley;

new titles of the successful Teddy Time series published by 
Autumn Publishing;

fantastic Educational books published by 
Harper Collins;

sweet pair of Flip Flap books published by 
Lion Children’s;

beautiful Nursery Treasury book published by 
Miles Kelly;

fun Wipe Clean series published by 

an adorable Spread Illustration published by 
Hello Magazine;

Monday 14 October 2013

Sparkly Christmas Books

'Little Bear's Sparkly Christmas' and 'One Sparkly Christmas Night' by Lion Chidlren's

Hello! It's starting to be cold outside and Christmas is fast approaching... :)

Today was a very special day,... I received my copies of the new Christmas books that I illustrated for the lovely and talented people at Lion Children's! I loved working on this beautiful novelty books and I'm excited how they turned out with wonderful magic glitter on every page!! 

Beautifully written by Julia Stone, a sweet and sparkly board books that bring the wonder of Christmas, the perfect gift to little ones! :)

Now available in stores! Click on the Link to buy:

Saturday 13 July 2013

Working in the Sun! :)

Bonjour a touts! :) 
Hope you're enjoying summer! in Paris is sunny and nice at the moment, we're enjoying of long days in the sun going to the park, eating outside in the terraces and riding my new bicycle! *Oh yes! a new bicycle! It was an advanced present for my birthday*

This is me a few days ago enjoying the sun in the park... 

From the work side it's been a very busy months! I've been working on several new book projects for the amazing team at Dorling Kindersley Penguin Group and I've also been developing my own story ideas with the fantastic team at LaB ! As well, I've just completed a few lovely jobs for one of my Korean clients. And I got a lovely new commission to illustrate two new novelty books for one of my favourite clients and I should start to work on it in August! On the other side, I'm now working on lots of new card designs so if you're interested to see some of my new designs please contact my lovely agents at Advocate :)

Here are the Gorgeous New Titles that I illustrated, by Dorling Kindersley!

Here is a little peek of my new design ranges! 
- Bonjour et bon appetit! :)
- Pretty Flowers! :*