Saturday 13 July 2013

Working in the Sun! :)

Bonjour a touts! :) 
Hope you're enjoying summer! in Paris is sunny and nice at the moment, we're enjoying of long days in the sun going to the park, eating outside in the terraces and riding my new bicycle! *Oh yes! a new bicycle! It was an advanced present for my birthday*

This is me a few days ago enjoying the sun in the park... 

From the work side it's been a very busy months! I've been working on several new book projects for the amazing team at Dorling Kindersley Penguin Group and I've also been developing my own story ideas with the fantastic team at LaB ! As well, I've just completed a few lovely jobs for one of my Korean clients. And I got a lovely new commission to illustrate two new novelty books for one of my favourite clients and I should start to work on it in August! On the other side, I'm now working on lots of new card designs so if you're interested to see some of my new designs please contact my lovely agents at Advocate :)

Here are the Gorgeous New Titles that I illustrated, by Dorling Kindersley!

Here is a little peek of my new design ranges! 
- Bonjour et bon appetit! :)
- Pretty Flowers! :*

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